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We will help your business get more customers online by creating SEO optimized websites that convert visitors into paying customers with our proven website structure framework

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Our services that we provide to improve your businesses presence and optimization online

Website Design

Our expert web designers specialize in professional, sleek, and visual web designs for your business that are enriched with SEO optimized layouts. We will do the heavy lifting to make sure your websites attracts more leads to your business.

SEO & Analysis

We’ve got your SEO strategy well laid out and we cover all the angles as part of our SEO service. We provide code-complaint, on-page SEO as well as off-page tactics to make sure your website is aligned with google’s algorithm to give you the best possible rank for your business niche.


Our marketing experts are solution-oriented we create a defined strategy through the use of psychology, cognitive science, and data analytics tools such as Google Maps Advertising or Bing Local Ads Portal.

Langing Pages

Know what your website needs? A landing page. Think of a landing page as the perfect single-page business card. It’s an intro to your company’s look, feel, and vibe that shows people exactly how it is that they will benefit from working with you. Your landing page should be simple and deliver one clear message: why someone should care about your product, what value you provide to them and a clear call to action flow for tour customers to take action.


When we create the funnels for your company, we’ll make sure you have a story to tell. You can bet that we won’t stop at just throwing up an offer and leaving it open-ended: our funnel sequences utilize persuasive language and conversational formats so as to create greater desire for your product offerings and provide more value on each step of the process from signup to downsells. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible user experience at every stage of acquisition.

Appointment integration

Make your customers feel at home with appointment booking by taking the stress out of pre-meetings. At blueapedigital we manage your appointments analytics so you can focus on what matters most—impressing clients, building potential partnerships, and giving them a great experience during their time with your business.

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Working Steps

Our Web Design Process

How we serve your clients from the beginning of the project to launch.



In the discovery stage we discuss the areas of growth, website improvements, business goals, visual concepts and the vision for your project.


Sitemaps and Wireframes

Here we build the skeleton of your website to provide a well strategized flow of action utilizing sitemaps and wireframes that provides value to your clients.


UI/UX Design

We bring your website to life by creating color and character to your sitemap and wireframes with professional UI designs.


Graphics and Motion

We provide illustrations, Lottie animations and graphics to express the vision of your company to your clients through the power of graphics and motion characters.


Web Development

Here we convert all the website structure and design into an optimized user friendly website to represent your business online.



Once everything is approved and you are satisfied we then launch your website to the world to increase attention and reach to your business.

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Create articles, reports, whitepapers and web content faster than you ever thought possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Create articles, reports, whitepapers and web content faster than you ever thought possible.

We specialize in building websites and marketing strategies for service businesses. That’s because service businesses benefit from a unique set of digital tools that we’ve perfected, like the scheduling API.

That depends on your priorities. If your primary goal is to have something functional within a specified time frame, we’ll make that our goal. If your primary goal is to have a site that works autonomously to grow your business, we might take some extra time to make sure you have every tool you’ll need to grab your market share by the horns.

Shopping for a website is like shopping for a car. There is a vast spectrum of quality and performance to choose from. Aim for the highest quality, verified by former clients, and then narrow your search to find reasonable pricing. You’ll end up right here with us.

You do. You’re paying not only for the labor but for the product as well. The website is a virtual product that belongs to you when our web design and development service engagement is complete.

Yes. We can build you a site from scratch, or we can take your existing site and mold it into the high-performance digital presence you need it to be. In some cases, we prefer to start from scratch, depending on the condition of the existing site.

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